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Plaid Picks of the Week – Skinny Ties

“Start dressing better.” Wise words, and a great way to hop onto the path of dressing well starts with a superb tie. If your wardrobe is slightly lacking in this essential accessory, here are a few great plaid picks to boost your style.

Cream, Red, Blue, and Gold Cotton Madras Skinny Tie from Skinny Ties

Plaid Picks - Plaid Skinny Tie

ZIDI Plaid Tie from Penguin

Plaid Picks - Plaid Tie from Penguin

Madras Check Tie from Uniqlo


You can’t go wrong with the right plaid tie, and these certainly fit the bill of dressing well.


The United States of Plaid – Wyoming

This week we are featuring the State Tartan of Wyoming.  Finding no record of any Tartan for the State of Wyoming, Plaidify decided to flex our design skills and create our own!

Inspiration for this tartan comes from the state flower and the landscape:

Prairie Fire

Wyoming State Flower

Snake River, Wyoming

Snake River - Wyoming

The Plaidify State Tartan of Wyoming:

The State Tartan of Wyoming - Designed by Plaidify

Hand Picked

Parisian Plaid Picks of the Week

Cory and I recently went on an amazing trip to Paris and while there we kept our eye out for fun, great uses of plaid. Here’s some of our favorites.

Diwali – Scarf and Jewelry Shop – Rue Mouffetard

bounty of scarves! diwali




Diwali is a Parisian store with the most amazing collection of scarves I’ve ever seen.  I left Paris with three scarves and it’s honestly a miracle I didn’t leave with 20, and no money in the bank.  Their website isn’t great yet, but by Fall they will have online shopping available with shipping to the United States.  You can enter your email on their site and recieve updates about the status of the website!  Needless to say, I already entered mine.

Chocolate – Jeff de Bruges



Jeff de Bruges is a must visit chocolate shop in Paris.  The chocolates are delicious and less expensive than some of the other artisan chocolate shops. 

Fancy Glasses – Window Shopping

Yves Saint Laurent - Sunglasses

architect glasses

We stumbled across this store window with some pretty rad plaid sunglasses by Yves Saint Laurent. And a nice collection of wood framed “architect” glasses, by which I mean the type of glasses creatives wear (I might get a pair for Cory).

And finally just for the fun of it.

Eiffel Tower

The intricate lattice work of the Eiffel Tower is rather plaid like, isn’t it?

We had an amazing time in Paris, we hope to do more traveling soon so we can share more plaid finds from beyond the land of Minnesota!


The United States of Plaid – Pennsylvania

As part of our continuing series on the United States of Plaid, this week we’re introducing the official state tartan of Pennsylvania.



The Keystone State is home to great history, including the birth of a few treasured documents (the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution and the Gettysburg Address). This history has yet to include an official state tartan, but a design by William H. Johnston in 1992 would be a great addition to the thread of Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Tartan

The woven creation of a Pennsylvania Tartan. Image credit: specedt1

The State Tartan of Pennsylvania

Join us again next week as we explore the history behind the state tartan of Wyoming!


Happy Earth Day!

Ok it’s a little late, but we wanted to jump on the Earth Day wagon.   Normally Cory and I would be out planting a tree or something equally Earth friendly on this day.  But Minnesota is in the midst of yet another late “Winter” snow storm.  Is there such a thing as a Spring snow storm?


Hope that those of you in warm climates were able to celebrate Earth Day with a little plaid and a little (or a lot) of sunshine.


National Tartan Day!

National Tartan Day 2013

Tartan Day is a celebration of Scottish heritage on April 6, the date on which the Declaration of Arbroath was signed in 1320. A number of Scottish Organizations have been lobbying congress to have it declared an official American holiday since 1998. However, it wasn’t until 2008 that after passing through both the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate that President George Bush signed a Presidential Proclamation making April 6th National Tartan Day.

Tartan Day celebrates not just the heritage and accomplishments of Scottish Americans, but it also celebrates the numerous tartan patterns that are so intrinsically tied to the clans of Scotland.

Take a look around your state for National Tartan Day events. Here in Minnesota there will be a Minnesota Tartan Day celebration at the State Capitol in Saint Paul.